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2016, New Wave, and The Future

Posted by TheJanitor9k - December 31st, 2016

I worked on roughly 30 animations/editorials/songs this year in various capacities while working a full time job. I never in my 26 years being alive would've thought that I would ever work this hard especially since last year I spent 8 1/2 months working on one cartoon. I won't lie, the stuff I work on doesn't have a large fan base or lots of praise and I don't really care(LIES, I DO!!), and deep down I really just enjoyed working with my friends. I've never meet such hard working people in my life than in the New Wave crew and its refreshing to see since most people I know are very much happy with the status quo and not pushing themselves to the breaking point.

For 2017 I plan on taking things in a different direction. I've descided to work on music and drawing more than animation. Between work and collabs I've had zero time to work on improving my drawing skills and it irritates me especially after going to Pico Day by drawing hiddeous stick men in peoples sketch books next to a multitude of really impressive looking penis' splooshing. I've also wanted to make music for a very long time, I've played various instruments for about a decade now but recently got the funds to acquire a kickass setup for recording. I even helped @fantishow make a song you can check right hereĀ http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/717927

So in closing I would like to say thanks to everyone I've met this year, Tom Fulp your the man, New Wave boys your the dudes, and everyone else...stay chilled.


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suck my dickk

Can't wait to see what you make going forward, and where you end up!

*crowd goes fucking wild*


Keep on keeping on my man.

Hey cool, you're still here, still in the production game too, good, good.

Nice time of year to deal with wax stripper, eh? Hm, that's gotten better over the years, but the wax is a real headache. Still cleaning?

Yeah, finished up waxing the floors last week actually. Now its carpet cleaning and helping out new teachers move their stuff in. Summer is the hardest time for me to make stuff and I'm moving out soon so it will be a while til something gets released.

you still cleaning floors?

Sort of, been promoted to 2nd in command of facilities so I'm more of a grounds keeper/repair man than a cleaner pay and health insurance is fine. Do the once in a blue moon commission for youtube or whoever needs help but the money isn't there and the last thing I want to do is be burned out doing a fun hobby. Rather keep working as a support person on personal projects I enjoy and see where it takes me, even got an email for an animation gig today too so I'll see how that goes.

Any future news on NewWave?